Closing Date for Application

The application must reach us no later than October 31st, 2020.


Freshwater Planted Aquarium (terrarium, marine aquarium scapes do not qualify).
* In case of open type aquarium, only underwater part is subject of grading.

TGIAC 2020 - New Rules

* Each contestant can submit more than one entry.

* The TGIAC 2020 awards will now be awarded state wise. There will be 29 state awards, 7 Union Territory Awards, 1 award for Nepal and 1 award for Bangladesh.

* The one awardee who is top and best amongst all the awarded will be crowned the TGIAC 2020 champion.

* The TGIAC champion will also be given an opportunity to aquascape a 90P ADA tank at our head office and gallery in Bangalore. The tank will be on display at our gallery and will be maintained by the Still Water Aquatics team.

* The state, UT, Nepal and Bangladesh awards will be considered only when there are a minimum of 5 entries from the respective states, UT or country (in case of Nepal and Bangladesh).

* If in case there are less than 5 entries per region, and if the entry is qualified for the final, the entry will be considered for the crowing of TGIAC 2020 and not for the state award.

* The ranking for all the entries to TGIAC will be published.

* The participant has to ensure that he/she tags the entry to the right state/UT where the tank is located and where the image was clicked. If the entries of the tank are tagged to a different state/UT from where it is located, then the entry will be disqualified. In some cases of uncertainty, an on- ground team will check the genuineness of the entry.

Guidelines and Rules

This contest is open to everyone who have a planted aquarium.

Only work created by the contestant (individual) is accepted. There is no restriction in aquarium tank size.

* Each contestant can submit more than one entry.

* Application is limited to the layout picture taken within a year prior to submission.

* The layout should be in India, Nepal or Bangladesh and the contest is open for contestants living in these countries.

* The use of house plants or marginal plants which hardly survive in water, or use of layout material hard to maintain in a long period of time may become subject of point deduction.

* The layout picture should be taken from the front side (pictures taken from other angles and/or showing only a part of the aquarium may become subject of point deduction).

* Reuse of similar motif that has been demonstrated in any work formerly submitted to this contest (including use of same composition materials, rearrangement of any past layout through mere changes of plants and reversal of any past layout) is subject to point deductions.

* Layout remarkably resembling any of the top past winning entries is subject to point deductions.

* An entry which can disgrace this contest is subject to disqualification.

* The copyright of the entries belongs to Still Water Aquatics, ADA India and Aqua Design Amano Co.,Ltd. Use of any entry for advertisement and/or publication purposes without consent of Still Water Aquatics, ADA India and Aqua Design Amano Co.,Ltd is strictly prohibited. Entry disclosed on internet and/or magazine without consent of Still Water Aquatics, ADA India and Aqua Design Amano Co.,Ltd shall be disqualified from this contest.

* Private disclosure of entry and publishing of entry on any magazine or other publications must take place only after the official disclosure by Still Water Aquatics, India.

* Entry that has violated the Terms and Conditions of this contest is subject to disqualification, before and after the determination of the ranking.

Submission Rules

* Entrants must submit good quality images of their Aquascapes

* Kindly remove all the visible equipment in your aquarium before taking a picture of it.

* Image data file submitted must be in JPEG format (RAW data is not accepted).

* Image must not be processed by way of trimming, reversal and retouching, etc. Do not delete the Exif information.

* If the image data is resized for submission, the original image data must be retained. The original data (EXIF) is required for top-winning entries.

Entry Fee

No Entry fee(FREE to participate in the contest).

Common Notes

* The picture of the layout can also be taken by any person other than the creator of the layout.

* Please apply by the name of the creator of the layout. Applying by names other than the creator of the layout or by false name may be subject of disqualification.

* Illicit application using free E-mail or unsolicited bulk E-mail cannot be accepted. Also, multiple entry and registration cannot be accepted.

* Entrant who provides insufficient and inaccurate information for entry and/or registration may not be able to participate in the contest.
* Submitted images will not be returned to the contestants.

Copyrights of all submitted images will belong to Still Water Aquatics, ADA India and Aqua Design Amano Co.,Ltd. Therefore participants will not publish the same image on any media (Printed or digital) until the conclusion of the award ceremony of The Great Indian Aquascaping Contest 2020 and International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest 2020.

Application Submission / inquiry

*Use entry form on the official ADA India webpage TGIAC 2020 for entry. Online entry form is very simple - just fill in the form and attach your image data.

Result Announcement

The Aquascapes will be judged by an expert panel of judges.

The results of winning works will be notified to the winners, prior to the awards cermony

The prizes will be given away in at Nature Aquarium Festival 2020 as part of Awards Cermony.

The winners will have to be present to collect their prize in person.

The decision taken by the judges is final.

* Please note that we do not take any questions regarding the grading of the Contest.

Grading guidelines

Grading guidelines will be same as the grading guidelines of the International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest 2020.

For the parameters in the judging criteria, a focus is placed on "recreation of fish habitat" which is deeply associated with the origin of planted aquarium.

The new judging criteria, does not limit the scope of layout expression of contestants. Their objective is to clearly define an essential feature of planted aquarium; recreating within a tank an environment conducive to fish survival.

Total Score (100 points)

* Each work is scored on " Recreation of natural habitat for fish " (50 points) and 5 other components (10 points each, total of 50 points).

1. Recreation of natural habitat for fish (Maximum 50 points).
  • Evaluation of layout work as healthy fish habitat.
  • Expression of underwater environment in layout work.
  • General condition of fish and aquatic plants in layout work.
  • Evaluation of layout work if corresponding type, size, physiology and ecology of fish.
2. Long-term maintenance of layout work (Maximum 10 points).
  • Chance of maintaining the aquascape for a long period of time.
  • Screening of whether or not the expression shown in the layout photo is a temporary one which was produced only for photographing.
3. Creator's technical skills (Maximum 10 points).
  • Evaluation of comprehensive techniques in creating and maintaining layout work.
4. Originality and impression of layout work (Maximum 10 points).
  • Evaluation of creator's originality and creativity.
  • Perfection and attractiveness of layout work.
5. Presentation of natural atmosphere in layout work (Maximum 10 points).
  • Expression of layout work concerning natural ecosystem.
  • Presentation of a sense of time's passage.
  • Evaluation of creator's interpretation of nature.
6. Overall composition and planting balance (Maximum 10 points).
  • Completeness of layout composition.
  • Evaluation of the balance of planting.
[Disqualified Works]

- Same work as past years.

Based on the contest rules and regulations, "It shall be unpublished work, created by the applicant him/herself, and photographed within a year".

- Duplicate application .

If the entry is found to be duplicated, TGIAC evaluation committee will contact the applicant to confirm just one entry of work.

- Same work registered under several different applicant names (e.g. same photo, or same layout photographed from different angles).

Based on the contest rules and regulations, It shall be unpublished work created by the applicant him/herself". TGIAC evaluation committee will contact the applicant to confirm just one entry of work.

- Entry works which are hard to identify as planted aquarium.

Based on the contest rules and regulations, "A work which could hurt the dignity of this contest may be disqualified".